Visual Impact is a company whose philosophy is all in our name.
For 15 years we have proven to produce 3D images of exceptional quality & photo realism, that convey the right balance of aesthetic appeal with functional expression.
Our experience in architecture, multi-media & design combined with state of the art rendering technology, provide our clients with all the means necessary to realize their project with maximum Visual Impact.

If a project is just in it's early design stages or is ready to be marketed, our range of services can cater to your specific requirements. From quickly-rendered 'white model' images that give a simple depiction of an initial concept, to our latest software which shows real-time visual feedback when changing materials & lighting; your design process can be greatly stream lined with the help of our team. We can create stunning animations, internal & external perspectives, floorplans & 360 VR, providing all the planning/design approval and marketing imagery you need to give your development an attractive visual flare.